Industrial Process Equipment (IPE) aka Lasernut recently celebrated their 30th Anniversary! IPE founder Jim Waggoner had dream to start his own manufacturing company. After years of working for other people, Jim decided he would be happier working for himself because of his meticulous nature. So, he set out to do just that! Jim started IPE by himself as a one person team in La Habra, CA circa 1984. His dream was to build the best quality industrial process equipment available! Jim spent years building up his company’s reputation, while making a name for himself in the manufacturing industry. Fast forward 30 years later and the company now employs over 60 people, and is a vital part of the community in Norco, California. Proof that there is no substitue for hard work and perseverance!

For this special 30th anniversary occasion Lasernut decided to treat the entire company to a Saturday afternoon boat trip to Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California as a thank you for all their hard work over the years! After meeting up in Newport Beach, CA the Lasernut team members loaded up onto a 130 foot yacht for the hour long ride to Catalina. Here are a few highlights from that party in this exclusive behind the scenes look into the company.

Our chariot in all its glory pulling into the harbor to pick up the team and their loved ones.



Sharp center piece on this table setting!



Another shot of the dining area.



Our crew getting the pre-cruise instructions before boarding.




If anyone was on a diet, this was the wrong place to be! There was no shortage of food on this cruise.



Let’s get this party started!



Pulling out of the jetty into open water!


Basking in the SoCal sun!


Lasernut President Cody Waggoner taking in the view with members of his crew. Notice Catalina Island off in the distance!


Approaching the harbor on Catalina!


Lasernut founder Jim Waggoner sharing a cold beverage with the crew!


Let’s eat!


After eating everyone went into town for some entertainment! A few rented golf carts and took a tour of the small island paradise! Wanna race?


The shops and restaurants on the main street have a little of everything to choose from!


You can even go parasailing if you are feeling adventurous during your visit!



After visiting the island for a bit, it was time to meet back on the boat for the Lasernut dance party! Who brought their dancing shoes?


We wrapped up our cruise by presenting founder Jim Waggoner with a plaque commemorating 30 years of accomplishments with IPE and Lasernut!


Lasernut would like to thank all our employees for their hard work over the years! We are looking forward to the another 30 years of doing business!


One last dance session before we pulled back into Newport Beach!


And that’s a wrap folks! Thanks again to all our employees for their dedication over the years! IPE started out as one man’s dream, and over the last 3 decades it slowly turned into reality!!