Why Should I Consider Laser Cutting For My Custom Parts?

Laser Cutting has been in use since the mid ‘60s, but since then, this process has been honed and refined. With today’s technology, laser cutting is done faster than ever and with more precision. While laser cutting is typically associated with industrial settings, this technique has modern-day applications in fields such as off road manufacturing, medical technology, architectural designs, and electronics.

So what is laser cutting? Simply put, laser cutting is the process in which a laser is used to cut metal and other materials. Almost all metals can be laser cut, and common uses include piping, stainless steel, and aluminum. Lasers offer the ability to cut a wide range of materials that other technologies are not suited for. Methods of laser cutting vary, but there are generally three main types of laser cutting, all focused on precision.

Another benefit of laser cutting is less material waste. When cutting a sheet of material, we can tighten up the grid pattern to maximize the number of parts in order to get the most out of each sheet! This saves on cost of materials in the end for our customers.

Here you can see a sheet of stainless steel that has been optimized to get the most number of parts possible with very little waste.

Notice the tight pattern on this freshly cut 1/4″ aluminum sheet.

This leads to why one should consider laser cutting. In recent years, we have come up with many unique uses for this technology. Clients are amazed at the numerous uses of laser cutting to generate new and innovative products that would have formerly been impossible through traditional methods.

You should consider laser cutting for your custom parts if:
— You want to create a new and innovative project
— You care about precision – including surface and edge face quality
— You want to lower the risk of damaged parts and contamination of the final product
— You want the best possible product with the fastest turnaround

With all of the pros of laser cutting, your question at this point should be, “Why wouldn’t I use laser cutting in my next project?” For aluminum, metal, and other materials, laser cutting is a leading technology with outstanding benefits.

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