Since 1984, Lasernut has turned customer concepts into reality with leading laser cutting systems that incorporate the most current and up – to – date technological advances in the field. The company’s long list of services range from laser cutting, welding, and all the way to the designing of products from beginning phases to the end result. As stated by Lasernut, “From start to finish your project is of utmost importance to us.

To further enhance their cutting edge services and production, Lasernut recently added “Rosie” to their engineering team. “Rosie” is no typical employee, but one of the most advanced robots in the technology field to ever be introduced in the welding industry. Also known by a more technical name, FD-V6L features a list of performance enhancement that is insurmountable in welding performance:

  • Increases the maximum speed by up to 40% reducing the tact time of robot movement
  • Smoother movement for Arc start point
  • Decreases number of maintenance parts by motor standardization

The added benefits of adding Rosie to the Lasernut team are constantly growing due to the amount of time and energy that is necessary to deliver the consistent high quality service and end product that Lasernut is known for. By increasing the maximum speed of welding precision by 40%, not only is Rosie better able to both performing the welding required, but also better able to handle the part. The robot’s brain, also known as the mechanical unit and controller, contribute to the programmed actions of the FD-V6L, and the manipulator of the robot is what physically makes the robot move. The robot can either incorporate pre – programmed positions, guided machine vision, or a combination of both. By adding “Rosie,” Lasernut is also decreasing the added costs of development and the precision of welding that is was previously done by human employees that takes much more time and effort.

“Rosie” helps Lasernut increase accuracy, repeat-ability, and throughput, placing the company above their competitors, and in the minds of consumers before any other equipment manufacturer. Lasernut is excited to introduce “Rosie” to the manufacturing floor, and has high hopes for increasing production, time, services provided, and the influencing the future of the company.

A few photos as Rosie arrived at our facility for installation and set-up.



A short video of Rosie laying her first bead!