The GirlLasernut_Laser_cut_Girl_scout_medallion Scout Organization is one that has inspired and fueled the young lives and minds of girls and young women around the world for over 100 years. Since 1912, Girl Scouts has been a beacon of education and enrichment throughout the United States, and in more recent years, has formed into one of the largest educational organizations for girls in the world with over 3.7 million members.

A local troop from San Gorgonio,Troop 1056, hosted the event My First Campout the weekend of May 16th, and with the help of Lasernut, the event was a success! The weekend event had over 340 scouts, ranging from ages five to nine years – old who attended the event that featured crafts, hiking, and canoeing. Among the most popular craft stations was the paracord, a station which allowed the girls an opportunity to practice knot-tying and weaving around a custom made medallion provided by Lasernut. The completed medallions were so popular, that campers wore them the entire duration of the event! My First Camp Out is a regional event that provides an entry – level camping experience for local troops in the Riverside area. The event is held at Rancho Jurupa Regional Park and has sold out in record time each year.
A line of the Girl Scout Promise states, “To help people at all times,” and this line can sum up the thankfulness of the Troop and scouts for the support and help of Lasernut. Being able to take a piece of their experience home, scouts are now able to remember My First Campout as well as look forward and be motivated to plan for future events and experiences for years to come.