Lasernut has evolved quite a bit over the years. Starting in 2008 with our first laser cutting machine and sheet metal sheer in a small building. We started earning our client’s trust over the years. Trust enough to where we were able to grow our business through mostly “word of mouth” projects and referrals from existing clients. Now in the modern age of social media we had been seeing the benefits of advertising and marketing on-line for additional exposure to new clientele. Taking it a step further we decided to put ourselves in front of our intended core audience, the recreational off road and off road racing market at SEMA 2016. This was our first big show and everyone at Lasernut came together for a flawless first showing. If you have never heard of or attended SEMA, it is a car, truck or Jeep lover’s dream come true! Everything and anything auto related can be found in abundance. Here are a few highlights from our week long excursion.

Monday morning brought set-up day. After chasing our tails for a while our crew was able to sort where to go, and how to get there. We manufactured our own displays for the booth in house and everything was designed to have wheels. This turned out to be a savor as to was a bit of a trek to get from the trucks to the booth. Having everything mounted to casters made life a lot easier. All set-up and ready for the show!



One of the display stands we made to showcase our in house manufacturing capabilities.



Lasernut president Cody Waggoner (center) and head designer James “Thunder” Gunderson (far right) were in the booth answering questions all week.



We brought along our Ultra4 buggy designed by Armada Engineering which drew a lot of attention to our booth. We manufactured a good portion of this buggy in house.



Stat board sitting beside the Ultra4 buggy showcasing every part involved with the build.



Another display we built to showcase our bumper making abilities. Laser cut, CNC formed and hand welded for precision.



Front shot of our booth.



Laser cut details with our logo that we anodized red and added to our display desks. Our entire booth was designed and manufactured in house.



We originally designed these tire trays to hold tools while working on the buggy. Worked out perfectly for our free candy and Lasernut pamphlets too.



The ladies of Lasernut, Lindsay Waggoner (left), Faith Dumont (center) and Lori Gunderson (right) were on hand giving away Lasernut Racing posters all week long. And if you wanted a T-shirt, these girls made you work for it. We’ll just leave it at that.



IFS and portal hubs providing the ground clearance on our Armada built rock racer.



Our backdrop wall designed by Stone Coast Marketing.



Lasernut signature bottle openers and phone stands, which also double as business card holders.



And let’s not forget the highlight of the week for our crew! Lasernut’s own James “Thunder” Gunderson accepted a challenge from Cody and agreed to get the Lasernut logo tattooed on his shoulder if Cody covered the bill. 30 minutes later we were at the Hard Rock Hotel and James was being branded for life at Hart and Huntington Tattoo.



All in all it was an awesome week for us. We had a great time at SEMA 2016! We saw a lot of old friends and met a few new ones. We also made numerous new contacts in the off road industry. Special thanks to Brad and Shannon Benson for all their help prepping everything for a glitch free showing. We are really looking forward to next year’s event! The Lasernut crew will be back bigger and better than ever!