Custom Metal Fabrication & Laser Cutting Services

Lasernut’s Promise

Lasernut offers a wide verity of services so that any project you need can be done. We specialize in laser cutting, bending, welding, grinding, sanding, drilling, tapping, counter sinking, PEM nut installation, tumbling, shearing, design, and prototyping. We work with a wide verity of clients who’s needs range from small projects to large. Lasernut has the ability to ship world wide and will work with you to complete your project and ensure that its delivered exactly how you want it.

Lasernut is able to help with clients that are in need of over production runs. We know that at times other manufactures need help with orders that come in and have a delivery dates that your company can’t handle. We are here for you! Lasernut has many clients that find themselves in this same situation and we work with them to finish the project.

Over the years we were able to expand our expertise into custom metal fabrication utilizing the latest in laser cutting technology. Our current Lasernut facility is over 40,000 square feet and growing. We promise to provide your company with state of the art laser cutting services using the most up to date systems available today.

Our motto is “We do what we say we’re going to do!” Our company runs 24/7 to ensure that your orders are delivered ON TIME! Lasernut has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to exceed your expectations. We strive to deliver the highest quality parts available in the manufacturing industry with increased precision accuracy and streamlined repeatability.

Quality control is our first concern! We take the time to inspect every component manufactured in our facility thoroughly in order to deliver “Made in the U.S.A.” quality standards.

Our Laser cutting machines have the capacity to cut mild steel up to ¾” inches thick. We work with a wide variety of metals and keep an array of materials in stock at our Southern California facility at all times.

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Services offered: